Pet Zoo on the Margaret Island


If you are visiting Budapest in nice weather, come and walk around the Margaret Island Petting Zoo which is an ideal program for children. It is a free fun to enjoy a nice walk, pet bunnies or ride a pony.

Margaret Island Budapest Pet Zoo

You can find fallow-deers, bunnies, water birds, ducks, owls and other raptorial birds along with other Hungarian animals in the approx. 5.200 m2 park area. Most of the wild birds are rescued and would be unable to survive without human help.

The Petting Zoo was founded in the 1950 s and it is managed by the Budapest Zoo since 2002. It was completely renovated in 2002.

Opening Hours:

open from the 10th of April to the 23rd of October

10 am to 6pm

Closed: from the 24th of October to the 9th of April the park is closed

Margaret Island Budapest Pet Zoo Pony
Margaret Island Budapest Pet Zoo Pony

Feel free to come by even when the park is closed, as you can see the animals from outside too.

Visit the inner promenade:

The park can take up to 40 visitors at the time, the guests can walk through the park and have a refreshment at the buffet.

The petting zoo is a nice destination for families and animal-lovers. Relax and get to know the park animals. In the end of the walk, the children can pet the bunnies or try a pony ride!

Margaret Island Budapest Pet Zoo Animals
Margaret Island Budapest Pet Zoo Animals
Margaret Island Budapest Storks
Margaret Island Budapest Storks

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