Palatinus Baths


Spend a lovely day out on the Margaret Island Budapest and splash in the pools of Palatinus Baths. Enjoy Budapest’s first outdoor baths and explore many different pools. It is a perfect program for the family too.

Margaret Island Budapest Palatinus Baths Entrance Area
Margaret Island Budapest Palatinus Baths Entrance Area

Palatinus Baths awaits you with 10 different pools, giant slides and a spa- wellness area which is open all year round. There is something for everyone, huge slides, sport and fun pools, sunbathing area, buffets etc.

History of Palatinus Baths

The baths was first opened in 1919 near the Danube. The baths was closed for enlargement after the first year. In 1921 the new baths was handed over with the large pool and additional hot and cold water pools.
At the end of the 1930s, Palatinus was expanded by the plans of István Janáky and Károly Szőke and a wave pool was built in addition. The wave pool is still in operation today.
The bath was restored again after the Second World War in 1958, the beach was expanded with a 10,000-square-foot grassy sunbathing area.

Margaret Island Budapest Palatinus Baths Emile Guilleaume Statue
Margaret Island Budapest Palatinus Baths Emile Guilleaume Statue

In the 1970s an additional 18,000 square meters of land was added to the baths area with
playgrounds, football courts, and sitting areas.

Palatinus Baths was modernized in 2002 when the pools were equipped with water filters and new pieces of equipment (neck massage jets, bubble baths and new fun pools) to make the bathing even more fun.

Opening hours:

From 27 April, 2019
08:00 – 20:00

If you are planning to visit Margaret Island and spend a nice day out, Palatinus Baths can be an ideal closing program of the day.

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