Margaret Island Music Fountain


Add some splash to your Budapest Holiday, visit Hungary’s biggest music fountain in Budapest on the southern side of the Margaret Island close to the Margaret Bridge.

Margaret Island Budapest Music Fountain Daylight
Margaret Island Budapest Music Fountain Daylight

The Margaret Island Music Fountain pool has 1000 m² floor area and the fountain’s diameter is 36 meters. 227 colorful lamps and over 150 nozzles provide the mesmerizing entertainment to the visitors every day. The main water jet spills up to 25 meters.

The Margaret Island Music Fountain was handed over in 1962, and originally the music was provided by a band, but later it was electrolyzed by Gyula Schön.

It was ruined by vandals in 1999 and repaired in 2002. A complex renovation has taken place in 2013 when the fountain itself and the surrounding area has been refurbished completely. Since then it is waiting for the walk by guests with a music block in every hour.

Margaret Island Budapest Music Fountain Front
Margaret Island Budapest Music Fountain Front

The fountain can be reached by bus number 11 from Nyugati Station.We suggest the arrival in the afternoon, and you might stay until the sunset to enjoy the lights.

The music fountain will be a spectacular experience for everyone who likes music and attractive lights. The fountain plays various music every hour for every taste (classical music, pop, rock, kid’s songs). Have a picnic or a walk nearby!

Bathing is not allowed in the well.

In the surrounding area, you can find the Japanese Garden, the Water Tower, and the Petting Zoo, which is ideal if you are there with the family.


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